I Amsterdam

Hello Darlings So after Rock Werchter Festival was over, hubby and I decided that we’re not done having fun yet, so we took the Eurostar train from Brussels to continue our vacation in Amsterdam. I never been to Amsterdam so this was my first time there, but this one time was enough for me to … Continue Reading

Rock Werchter 2015 – Festival Outfits

Hey there darlings If you’re following me on any of my social accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), you probably know that I recently came back from Rock Werchter festival in Belgium. It took me so long to get back in business after such a great vacation, but now it’s time to share it with you. So … Continue Reading

Hello 90’s !

Hey you! Remember those Camis with super thin (and hot) straps from the 90’s? Well, they’re back in 2015! I must say that I’m super excited about the 90’s making a comeback, not just with Camis, but with choker necklaces and the grungy style that I love so much. Oh, and the mules! This is … Continue Reading

Palm Print Dress

Hey guys! How have you been? It’s been sooo long, I know! But as you know I’m in fashion design school and have sooo many homework and projects that I barely can find few seconds to breathe. So please bear with me until I can show you clothes from my own design. I hope you … Continue Reading

Shades of Nude

Hello Darlings Hubbie and I had a wonderful weekend. The sun was out and I realized how much I missed it. So we went out for lunch at a nice restaurant, and then went to have few drinks in Jaffa. I thought that sunny Saturday required a bright outfit, so I went for winter nudes. … Continue Reading

Over the Knee Boots

Hello darlings Today I’m finally writing a post about these goooorgeous over-the-knee boots, which I got from Castro. From the moment I saw them on the runways I went looking for them, but since they were limited edition it was really hard to find them. So imagine my joy when I went to Castro’s store in Dizingov … Continue Reading

Pom Pom Shoes and Baby Blues

Hello Dear Fashion Lovers, It’s getting really cold outside, and you know how winter usually comes with many layers and dark colors. When I took these photos it was super cold but the sun was out, so I decided to go bright and layered up with baby blues and added a hint of black with … Continue Reading

Rock Glam

You know these days when you’re not into making a big fuss out of your outfit? In these days girls usually turn to the classic and most comfortable color that makes them feel chic without extra effort: Black. However, many people think that “black goes with everything”, and I don’t agree with that. There are millions of … Continue Reading

3 Must-Have Winter Trends

What do you do when you ‘have nothing to wear’? You put on your boyfriend’s shirt! Well, to be more accurate, A boyfriend shirt. In this post I combined 3 of the must-have trends for this season: A boyfriend shirt , a white coat and the trickiest trend of this season; flared 70’s denim. This … Continue Reading

Irregular Choice of Shoes

Wassssuuuup? Today we’re going to talk about how to refresh an old outfit. How many times did you put on your favorite sweater and comfy pants and thought it looked, umm.. boring? It happened to me many times and I thought, how can I make this basic outfit look more interesting? The answer, my friends, … Continue Reading