My Fairy Tulle

Fairies. That’s the first thing that comes across my mind when I imagine forests. Most of the fairy tales we know happened in the woods, so magical and nostalgic. Nature has a big spot in my heart. It’s always refreshing to take a walk between the tall trees and disappear in the green view.  Especially … Continue Reading

Purple Vintage Love Story

In the minute I landed my eyes on this vintage purple jacket, it was love at first site. I thought “I must have this!”, and so it was mine. I just adore vintage clothing in general because it’s unique and authentic, and will always make a come-back. The only tricky part about vintage clothing is … Continue Reading

Polka Dots and Plaid

Why pick one if I can pick both? Polka dots and plaid, two of very popular patterns used among fashion lovers all over the world. We see them repeatedly in the “Trends” section throughout the seasons, they’re timeless. Plaid in particular was very present in the recent winter, and obviously I couldn’t help but getting … Continue Reading

Nun’s Gone Gothic

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Gothic look’s dark and mysterious nature. That’s why I was sooo excited when dark lipsticks came back in this recent winter. Gothic style includes a lot of black combined with very deep purple or deep red. The main fabrics used in this look are lace, fishnets, velvet, … Continue Reading

Daas is Good – Fashion Blog

Welcome! You arrived to Daas is Good fashion blog. Here you will find the latest fashion news, trends, updates and fashion tips. I will share my thoughts and outfits with you and hopefully inspire and get inspired. My first post will be online soon, stick around;)