Queen of Pastels

After long time no see (and a short visit to Amman for a mini music festival, of which you can see the pictures on my Facebook page here) I’m back with my favorite trend: Pastel colors. We already talked about this trend on my blog (here, and here), but I’m giving it another post since … Continue Reading

Put Your Metal ON

Versace, Givenchy, Gareth Pugh, Lanvin, Saint Laurent and Altuzarra, this is just a small list of the designers who decided that this summer, metallics are here to rise and shine. We saw many variations and colors of metallics on all the big runways for spring \ summer 2014 (in case you forgot, I told you … Continue Reading

‘Pure Shine’ Spring \ Summer 2014 Collection by Naim Qasim

Last week I was invited to Naim Qasim studio to look up his spring \ summer 2014 collection. The first impression his collection gives is elegance, which is not surprising since his style has always been introduced through clean lines and elegant appearance. In this collection, it seems like Naim Qasim’s ‘Pure Shine’ for spring … Continue Reading

Crazy For Daisy

Floral prints always pop out in fashion at the beginning of every spring, just like the flowers themselves.. But this spring, the daisy prints took all the attention. You can’t go shopping or walk in the street without bumping into some kind of a daisy print. The truth is, when I purchased this skirt I … Continue Reading

Red Plaid and Blue

Remember when I told you how I love plaid here? Well, here’s another proof. Plaid was so popular in the last few years, especially in the last winter. But who said you can’t wear it also now? The difference between wearing plaid at winter and wearing it at summer is the colors you match with … Continue Reading

Dreamy Dress

I was walking around at the mall the other day, looking to find what’s new in stores (and which items I should add to my wish list). That’s when I entered Emma store, which is one of my very favorites, and fell in love with this dress from their new collection. It combines many trends in one … Continue Reading

Just Before Goodbye…

Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere! But the cold weather is… at least here in the holy land. So this post will probably be the last (or maybe one of the last..) posts in which I will be wearing a jumper. The good thing is that sales are on fire now at some of my … Continue Reading

Daas is Good on Fashion Forward

Daas is Good outfit was chosen by fashionforward.co.il as an “inspirational outfit” I was wearing floral printed jeans with a chiffon vest and a grey jumper     Check out the post here for the outfit deets.

مجموعة اتش اند ام كونشس لموسم الربيع 2014

البوست في المدونة اليوم راح يكون عن مجموعة H&M الجديدة والمميزة واللي اسمها “كونشس” او بالإنجليزية Conscious. الشي المميز في هاي المجموعة هو انها مصنوعة من مواد طبيعية متل القطن والحرير ومواد عضوية ومجددة او تم اعادة تصنيعها (recycled). هدف مجموعة H&M Conscious هو زيادة وعي المستهلك بالنسبة لأهمية البيئة وحمايتها بأكبر قدر ممكن, وبنفس … Continue Reading

So Many Textures…

I’ve already told you how much I love spring right? Right. One of the fun things about spring outfits is that you can still use many of your winter items, but in a fun and different way. In this post I will show you how I used several textures, and combined winter fabrics with summer … Continue Reading