I’ve always been a huge fan of the Gothic look’s dark and mysterious nature. That’s why I was sooo excited when dark lipsticks came back in this recent winter. Gothic style includes a lot of black combined with very deep purple or deep red. The main fabrics used in this look are lace, fishnets, velvet, and make up wise it goes with dark lips and pale face. Very dark and mysterious have I said already?

My outfit this time consists of surprising use of items. A black chiffon shirt, a polka dots skirt, a polka dots dress (yes I’m wearing a dress under the skirt!), a white spiked collar (yes it’s a collar not a shirt!), lace leggings, black knee high socks, my wine red Docs and of course, a dark lipstick. I also added a big black fur coat in case it gets cold. It certainly looks like fur is going to be around for a while, at least all through the next winter.

I thought it would be an interesting twist if I add some white to the black layers, that’s where the Nun-ish look began and I received a combination of two whole different worlds. Then I realized that I just created my own version of Moschino’s Spring/Summer 2014 Ready-To-Wear “Sexy Nun” look :)

See you next time



I’m wearing:

Chiffon shirt: Private collection

Polka dots dress: Bershka

Collar: Forever Twenty One

Polka dots skirt: H&M

Coat: Zara

Leggings: Private collection

Knee high socks: H&M

Boots: Dr.Martens

Lipstick: Diva by MAC


Moschino’s Spring/Summer 2014 Ready-To-Wear

Sexy Nun


image (6)

image (11)

image (14)image (5)

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I like your boots combined with the lipstick.


Yasmine Daas

Thank you dear Tra Mi

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