In this post we are going back in time. The very talented photographer Kais Jbara and I had a little Retro themed project. Of course, anyone who knows me would tell you that I’m a Retro freak. I even designed my entire house in a Retro style, so obviously I immediately jumped on this opportunity!

Retro style came back into fashion, interior design and other fields a few years ago. That was influenced, among other things, by the amazing series “Mad Men” which took place in the 50’s-60’s. It suddenly hit designers that Retro is chic, and that wave lasted through 2013. We can still see elements of Retro even until now, like the full skirt, which was very popular in women’s fashion in the late 50’s, and is now one of the biggest trends for spring 2014.

If you go through my wardrobe you would immediately notice my love for Retro items.. But as in everything else, I must add a touch of my own! You will definitely notice that in the pictures below ;)

So what’s on the menu for Retro today?

– Stripes A shaped dress, colors of orange blue and beige

– Round John Lennon inspired sunglasses

– Round beige earrings

– And last but not least, (drum roll…) The Beatles bag!

We had lots of fun on the shoot. You dig it? :)


Yasmine Daas



Photography: Kais Jbara


I’m wearing-

Dress and bag: Bodrum, Turkey

Net leggings and ring: Accessorize London

Knee high Socks: H&M

Boots: Zara

Earrings: Private collection

Sunglasses: Ray Ban


retro glasses

retro make up

the beatles

retro earrings

 mirror striped dress

Yasmine - Daas is Good

 ray ban john lennon

retro spot light dress

retro blue door dress

Yasmine Daas

the Beatles retro bag

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love love love this look on u

Yasmine Daas

Thank you dear :)

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