Fairies. That’s the first thing that comes across my mind when I imagine forests. Most of the fairy tales we know happened in the woods, so magical and nostalgic.

Nature has a big spot in my heart. It’s always refreshing to take a walk between the tall trees and disappear in the green view.  Especially at this time of the year when the spring is making some attending marks and the little colored flowers are starting to pop out. That’s just the perfect time to take a pause from the busy life and enjoy the magical forest.

What do fairies wear? Tulle! And that’s also what you will be wearing for Spring\Summer 2014. Well, at least I know I am. Tulle skirt is a major trend for the beautiful season that’s coming ahead. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s romantic, it’s colorful and so feminine. I chose mine in a mint green, because A. I adore pastel colors and B. pastel colors are another very major trend for the coming spring as well. So I got myself two in one.

Tulle skirts might seem a bit problematic but really can be styled in so many ways. For this specific purpose I wanted a simple and clean look so I just put on what I call my “Paris Paris” white T-shirt and ballerina white shoes. But I’m sure you will be seeing much more of this skirt in other looks because I’m so not done with it yet  ; )

Just to accessorize a bit I put on my heart shaped sunglasses and heart shaped leopard ring. That’s how much I “heart” everything about this.

See you next time

Yasmine Daas



I’m wearing:

T-shirt and sunglasses: Forever21

Skirt: E-bay

Shoes: Private collection

Ring: Accessorize London


Heart shaped glasses


Tulle skirt


Yasmine Daas


tulle skirt daa is is good


leopard heart ring


ballerina white shoes




Yasmine Daas 2


spring heart shaped sunglasses

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