I was walking around at the mall the other day, looking to find what’s new in stores (and which items I should add to my wish list). That’s when I entered Emma store, which is one of my very favorites, and fell in love with this dress from their new collection. It combines many trends in one item: the summery colors, the ‘block’ trend, and the big awesome print.. But what I like most of all is its humoristic twist and the fact that it symbolizes the ‘dreamy side’ of me (which takes over most of the time). I always say that fashion is what designers make and you buy, but your own style is how you express yourself through fashion. I like my style and clothing to represent me or symbolize my personality or something that I believe in. I like how the clouds and sky, and the awesome balloons and owl represent freedom, humor, ambition and a dreamy personality.

So obviously, I added this dress to my wish-list.. But that didn’t last for too long because the next day (and after thinking about it all night!) I just went back to Emma and bought it.

This is how you know you really, REALLY, love an item. Most of the time when I go shopping, I try not to make impulsive purchases. I take a look at what I like, and then sleep on it. If I can’t sleep, then this is it! A MUST HAVE. Try to do it too. That way you will avoid wasting your money on items that you don’t really like.. And this is my tip for you today.

See you next time!

Yasmine Daas



Kais Jbara


I’m wearing-

Dress: Emma

Leggings: Forever21

Jacket: a gift from friend (from TwentyFourSeven)

Shoes: Adika

Bag: Bershka

Shades: Ray Ban

Accessories: Accessorize London







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