Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere! But the cold weather is… at least here in the holy land. So this post will probably be the last (or maybe one of the last..) posts in which I will be wearing a jumper. The good thing is that sales are on fire now at some of my favorite shops, and although it’s been a while since I published new posts here on my blog (last week was super busy for me!), I still managed to find some time to hit Topshop and find some really cool pieces on sale!

In this post I’d like to give you some tips about how to shop on sale, because the prices are so affordable and tempting and you feel like you want to buy everything! But you want to control it because everyone has a budget limit (Ok.. maybe not everyone…).

So, how to make the best of shopping on sale?

1- Before you go shopping, make sure to get updated with the next seasons’ trends and styles. You might find items that can still be fashionable also for next year. Trends can be predicted around 6 months before the season comes. You can always check out my blog or ask me to get updated.

2- Look for items that can work for the current season, this way you’ll be buying them on sale and using them immediately. Nothing is more satisfying than that!

3- I know it’s very hard to resist the tempting prices, but when you pick an item, ask yourself this question, ‘what can I wear it with’? If you can’t think of something, look for another item that works with it (if the budget allows it). If you don’t find any, then don’t buy it. You don’t want to buy something that you’ll never wear just because it’s on sale.

4- Many defected items arrive to the sale stands. Make sure that the item you’re buying is not defected. If it is, and you really want it, make sure it’s fixable.

5- Don’t let the price be the main factor. Make sure the item complements your figure and you absolutely love it. Don’t buy items just because they’re cheaper.

And most importantly, ENJOY SHOPPING! I mean, who doesn’t right? ;)

I’m wearing a Topshop total look. I purchased this jumper and skirt on sale. The trendy part here is the peach jumper, as I told you in this post, pastel colors are a major trend for this spring. The rest of the look is just my own style. So take a look at the photos, I hope they inspire you. And of course I must give huge credit to the talented photographer Kais Jbara who did a great job as always!


Yasmine Daas


I’m wearing:

Jumper, skirt and boots: Topshop

Head piece and socks: H&M

Ring: Greece

Hand Bag: A gift from friends (New York)

Photography: Kais Jbara









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