Last week I was invited to Naim Qasim studio to look up his spring \ summer 2014 collection. The first impression his collection gives is elegance, which is not surprising since his style has always been introduced through clean lines and elegant appearance.

In this collection, it seems like Naim Qasim’s ‘Pure Shine’ for spring \ summer 2014 is the meeting point of the glittery taste that the Arab woman likes to wear, and the elegance of haute couture which identifies Naim Qasim style. The colors Naim uses are lively and present like pink and yellow (BTW, yellow is a major color of summer 2014), yet he doesn’t give away his love to the classic black and white.

You might not understand the connection between the items in his collection at first sight, but when you look carefully, you will understand that it starts with classic items, yet slowly and gently evolves from classic black glitter-free dress through little sparkle, and eventually transforms into a fully glittered dress. And this is what I think he means by “Pure Shine”.

What I liked the most about “Pure Shine” collection is that every item is carefully handmade and each detail is thoughtful and precise. Each item is sold as one piece, so you can be sure that you’ll never bump into another girl wearing the same dress you’re wearing. Bottom line, if your style is elegant and classic yet aspiring for uniqueness, Naim Qasim is definitely the right designer for you.

This is my pick from ‘Pure Shine’ collection. I looove the back of the top and the details on the yellow skirt, and obviously I had to add my own style to it, so check it out. Don’t forget to visit Naim Qasim website to see the rest of his awesome collection, and let me know what you think about my pick. See you next time.


Yasmine Daas



I’m wearing:

Top, Skirt and Clutch Bag – Naim Qasim

Shoes: Castro

Hair accessory: H&M



Naim Qasim bag

image (5)

yasmine daas

black top open back

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