Helloooo again! So I’m back with more trend reports, yay!

So far we talked about New York and London Fashion Weeks, and now that Milan Fashion Week wrapped up, it’s time for Milan trend reports.

I must confess that I like London Fashion Week designers very much and usually it’s my favorite. But this time, Milan Fashion Week runways just BLEW MY MIND. The runways looked so vibrant and chic and unique and .. wait, let me take a breath for a moment!


Ok, now I’m good.

Let’s take a look at what #MFW had to offer us for Spring \ Summer 2015:



Feathers, Feathers and more Feathers


Fendi ss 2015         Fendi 2015 ss white on white

Flamenco Inspired

Dolce and Gabanna

D&G ss 2015

DG ss 2015

poncho DG ss 2015

ss 2015 DG

DG ss 2015 flamenco dress

Don’t you just love this crown??

DG ss 2015 flamenco

Barbie Girl!


Moschino ss 2015

 Moschino 2015 ss    Moschino ss 15

Moschino 2015    Moschino ss 2015

Seventies Style


Gucci 2015 ss        Gucci ss 2015 3

Gucci ss 2015        Gucci ss 2015 2

White on white

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli ss 2015

Coming soon: Last but not least, Paris Fashion Week SS 2015. Stay tuned!

Yasmine Daas

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