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I know I promised to bring you all fashion week trends, but just in the time for Paris Fashion Week, my husband and I decided to take few days off from the madness of our daily life and work and just go somewhere quiet and peaceful to rest and relax before the summer days are completely gone. We both like nature so that was our first thought when we talked about a vacation. So we ordered a nice B&B on top of a mountain in the north, packed our stuff, and drove to peace.

In this post I will try to give you some tips and inspiration for what to wear for a relaxing vacation. And don’t you worry, I will update you with Paris Fashion Week ASAP!

But meanwhile, let’s take a look at some vacation outfits ;)


Fringe Floral Top, Denim Shorts and Flat Sandals







image (10)


White dress with a splash of color



image (8)


image (18)




image (11)


image (17)


White is a must-have in summer vacations. It’s a typical summer color, so it immediately gives a relaxing and fresh feel. Just add a little color by accessorising and you will get the perfect vacation chic.


I will be back soon with more vacation outfits. So stay Tuned ;)



Yasmine Daas


Fringe Top and Dress: Topshop

Sandals: Accessorize London

Green Bag: eBay

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