Hello Darlings

Hubbie and I had a wonderful weekend. The sun was out and I realized how much I missed it. So we went out for lunch at a nice restaurant, and then went to have few drinks in Jaffa. I thought that sunny Saturday required a bright outfit, so I went for winter nudes. I teamed up my midi latex nude Topshop skirt (it’s really not bad as it sounds, I promise) with a fluffy mid sleeve baby pink jumper. I threw on my white Forever21 coat and Pull&Bear nude platform sneakers. And of course I didn’t forget to take my fellow Asos cat clutch bag for a wander. Later in Jaffa some lady thought this clutch bag was actually a pink cat, sitting quietly (or dead!) on the bar chair. She didn’t believe it was a bag until she came to where we were sitting and touched it, and then we all went bursting in laughter. That was hilarious!

Hope you had a good weekend



Yasmine Daas


Coat: Forever21

Jumper and Skirt: Topshop

Sneakers: Pull and Bear

Clutch bag: Asos


Nude colors


white coat


Topshop skirt jumper

Asos cat clutch bag


Fashion blogger style

pink white nude

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