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Hello Darlings

How have you been? I really hope you all fashionistas are doing fine and well.

It has been too long, I know. I said that before and keep promising to post more often on my blog, but they say that life is what happens to you while you are busy making plans… you can trust that this is true.

I have been doing so much lately, for example, I was promoted at my day job, so I work even harder than I did before, but that is just a small part of it. I graduated from fashion school in January (with excellent grades I must say), which means that several months before my final presentation I was super loaded with work on my final project. I drew sketches, created patterns, went fabric shopping, and sewed every piece of my collection with love and excitement.  My theme for this project was “Woodstock”, and I created a collection full of colors and psychedelic prints and flares, but I will leave that to a separate post since I am waiting to photograph my collection and show it to you guys. I also took part in a fashion show on Black Friday and created my own design for it, which I hope I will show you also in a different post (too many things, too little time).

Graduating in January was such a perfect timing because I thought I would start the new year with my own new beginning. I had it so clear in my mind, becoming a top fashion designer is my biggest dream. Don’t worry, it still is. But there is something very frightening, even sad, about finishing school that left a hole inside me. I started questioning myself, my talent, do I have it? Am I right for this? This is everything I wanted, what if I’m bad it? And what if I fail? That would break my heart. I created a collection, one that blessed me with so many compliments, people asked to buy my own designed dresses, so what is it that is stopping me?

I’m still wondering. You know, every end is a new beginning, and at point zero, it’s easy to feel lost and not to know how to navigate a way to the big dream. This, however, is not necessarily a bad thing, as I’m discovering new things about myself, so I’m taking the time to be lost and wander, but I know I will eventually find my way.


So cheers to new beginnings, with all the fears and excitement that they may bring. All I can wish now is that they will be as beautiful as the almond trees blossom.



Yasmine Daas


Outfit details:

Fake fur coat, flared sleeve jumper and shoes: Asos

Metallic socks and belt: Forever21

Jeans: Pull and Bear

Take away bag: Skinnydip London


patchwork coat fake fur asos


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flare sleeve metalic jumper asos


look fashion blog silver jumper

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good bye almond blossom

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