Ahlan wa Sahlan!

My name is Yasmine Daas and I’m a fashion addict. Ever since I remember my self fashion has been my biggest passion, but for some reasons I found myself doing everything else but that. After high school I started my bachelor’s degree in arts and English literature in Tel Aviv University and meanwhile I started working as a content manager and copywriter in Arabic (which is my mother tongue language). During this whole time fashion was always in the back of my head, and I wanted to do something about it but always kept telling my self why I shouldn’t. At some point I decided to apply to Shenkar College of Engeneering and Design and started studying Fashion Styling. And yet after I graduated I still let excuses beat me and kept my biggest passion on hold.

Now I’m one year after, and I finally gathered the courage to stop telling myself why I can’t, and tell myself why I can. I’m the girl who always gets complements on her outfits, and the one who friends turn to when they need fashion advice. I finally realized that fashion runs in my blood and there’s no way to run away from it. I LOVE FASHION!

I started this blog to share my sweet addiction and my styling ideas with all of you fashion lovers, and hopefully to prove that true love always wins. Let’s  get started!

Yasmine Daas

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