How many times did look at your wardrobe and pulled you hair while screaming “I have nothing to wear!” even though your closet is stacked with clothes? How many times did you buy an item that you “absolutely must have!”  but “absolutely never wore…”? Yes, most women would say: A LOT. Many people buy “wrong items”, and by that I mean wrong for their personal needs. That’s where professional and personal styling come in handy.

In personal styling everything is considered: your personality, your characteristics,  your style, your figure, your tones, your hair, and basically everything you are. Your style is about YOU.

If you’re interested in my professional styling or personal shopping services, please feel free to contact me at I will be happy to discuss your requirements.


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Before and After – Styling by Yasmine Daas

Before and After





Another After outfit. Me on the right.

Yasmine Daas Styling