Off My Shoulders – مكشوف الأكتاف

في لحظة ما شفت هاي البلوزة مكشوفة الأكتاف في برشلونا, دغري قلت هاي مجبورة تكون الي! أكيد شفتو شي مليون نسخة عن البلوزة او الفستان الازرق المخطط مكشوف الاكتاف, لانه عنجد هاي الصرعة كانت الاكبر خلال صيف 2016. لهاد السبب مفكرتش انه انضم لهاد الترند لانه حسيت انه مش مميز, بس وقت اللي شفت هاد التوب … Continue Reading

Oh Ruffles, You Got Me

  مستحيل تكونو ما شفتو الطيات المكشكشة في هاد الموسم لانها موجودة في كللل اشي: البلوزات  والفساتين والبناطيل والكنادر والشنط وغيره. بصراحة في البداية ما كنت متأكدة اذا حبيت هاد الترند. بشكل عام في اسلوبي بحب امزج ما بين الصرعات في الموضة والقطع المميزة, بس لما بلشت موضة الكشكش والطيات الرومانسية تحتل ساحات الازياء حاولت … Continue Reading

New Beginnings

Hello Darlings How have you been? I really hope you all fashionistas are doing fine and well. It has been too long, I know. I said that before and keep promising to post more often on my blog, but they say that life is what happens to you while you are busy making plans… you … Continue Reading

Unicorn World

I always thought that fashion is not just about trends and aesthetics, but it’s also about expressing yourself and show your mind without saying anything. I think that’s what I like the most about it, because even though you and me and her and him can get the same item, each one of us will … Continue Reading

Denim Dress

The denim dress is a must have this season, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s stylish, it’s comfy, and it’s different.  I picked my perfect one from Adika and styled it with a cute popcorn novelty bag by Skinnydip London But since it’s sold out, here are some links for similar look: Denim dress Bag Shoes … Continue Reading

Fun in the Sun – Beach Dress

Last weekend my love and I went to the beach, and he captured some of my moments there. This was only my second time at the beach this year even though summer started here like 2 months ago! It’s because I was super loaded with work and school, but eventually I found a day to have some fun … Continue Reading

Shades of Nude

Hello Darlings Hubbie and I had a wonderful weekend. The sun was out and I realized how much I missed it. So we went out for lunch at a nice restaurant, and then went to have few drinks in Jaffa. I thought that sunny Saturday required a bright outfit, so I went for winter nudes. … Continue Reading

Off-Shoulder Dress

Autumn.. This is the season when you get the most confused about what to wear. You open your closet and think, is it going to be cold? Is it warm? Should I wear long sleeve? Or short sleeve? But my lovely 70’s off-shoulder (or one shoulder) dress says, why not both? Just so you know, … Continue Reading

Queen of Pastels

After long time no see (and a short visit to Amman for a mini music festival, of which you can see the pictures on my Facebook page here) I’m back with my favorite trend: Pastel colors. We already talked about this trend on my blog (here, and here), but I’m giving it another post since … Continue Reading

Put Your Metal ON

Versace, Givenchy, Gareth Pugh, Lanvin, Saint Laurent and Altuzarra, this is just a small list of the designers who decided that this summer, metallics are here to rise and shine. We saw many variations and colors of metallics on all the big runways for spring \ summer 2014 (in case you forgot, I told you … Continue Reading