Red Plaid and Blue

Remember when I told you how I love plaid here? Well, here’s another proof. Plaid was so popular in the last few years, especially in the last winter. But who said you can’t wear it also now? The difference between wearing plaid at winter and wearing it at summer is the colors you match with … Continue Reading

Dreamy Dress

I was walking around at the mall the other day, looking to find what’s new in stores (and which items I should add to my wish list). That’s when I entered Emma store, which is one of my very favorites, and fell in love with this dress from their new collection. It combines many trends in one … Continue Reading

Just Before Goodbye…

Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere! But the cold weather is… at least here in the holy land. So this post will probably be the last (or maybe one of the last..) posts in which I will be wearing a jumper. The good thing is that sales are on fire now at some of my … Continue Reading

Hello Mr. Spring!

Do you know what I’m super excited about? Spring is officially heeeeeeeere! Not that winter was very present here in the holy land, but still.. Spring means warmer weather, brighter days, and brighter colors. I’m so ready for spring outfits! So, which spring 2014 trends do we have in this outfit? Pastel colors: Pastel purple … Continue Reading

Retro Mood

In this post we are going back in time. The very talented photographer Kais Jbara and I had a little Retro themed project. Of course, anyone who knows me would tell you that I’m a Retro freak. I even designed my entire house in a Retro style, so obviously I immediately jumped on this opportunity! … Continue Reading

Fur Fashion’s Sake!

It’s a crazy time for weather now here in the holy land. One day it’s insanely hot and the other is stormy and raining, it can be really confusing. You wake up in the morning and think, “is it cold? Is it hot?” And most importantly.. “What should I wear?!” But when it’s cold, there’s … Continue Reading

My Fairy Tulle

Fairies. That’s the first thing that comes across my mind when I imagine forests. Most of the fairy tales we know happened in the woods, so magical and nostalgic. Nature has a big spot in my heart. It’s always refreshing to take a walk between the tall trees and disappear in the green view.  Especially … Continue Reading

Nun’s Gone Gothic

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Gothic look’s dark and mysterious nature. That’s why I was sooo excited when dark lipsticks came back in this recent winter. Gothic style includes a lot of black combined with very deep purple or deep red. The main fabrics used in this look are lace, fishnets, velvet, … Continue Reading